Think Global Act Local

The last century has been spectator of climax of an anthropogenic orchestra that started some ten thousand years ago after the climatic stability of the earth, where a single human species has been actor and director as well.

It displayed radical economic growth, material comforts, technological revolutions and social reforms that have never ever been achieved by human species in the past since his descent.

This landmark success brought a paradigm shift in existing technology, healthcare, life expectancy, and even the mindset of the people in the modern Era. However, his Wall Street greed compelled indiscriminate developmental activities that put a sign of interrogation before the nature and humanity to realize that our destiny and destination is likely to end into blind.

Mapping the facts and circumstances, it was realized that the problems arise at local and encompass to grab the whole being by and by to become global. Therefore to serve a bit the nature and society for better future; the Glocal Environment & Social Association (GESA) is framed.

Think Global Act Local

To develop and promote ‘global thought and local action’ ideology to save the nature for better future. To campaign the global and local environmental issues and their future impacts for awareness.

Seminars & Workshop

To organize seminars workshops etc. to aware and educate the people on blazing environmental and social issues.


To felicitate the persons for their outstanding services rendered in various fields of science, society, environment, agriculture, education, peace, humanities, innovations etc.


Life Members

Life members shall be the intellectual pool of the association.They shall be active voting members. Any individual having good faith in the objectives of the association can become a life member by completing formalities.

General (Annual) Members

Any individual having good faith in the objectives of the association can become a general member and can get benefits of the process, product, and services of the association for a limited period of one year.

Patron Members

These members shall be inspirational guides and torch bearers of the association. They shall be selected by the management committee of GESA based on their excellent contribution to the science, environment and society.

Who We Are

GLOCAL ENVIRONMENT & SOCIAL ASSOCIATION (GESA) came into existence on 16. 12. 2018 in a formal meeting held in Prayagraj, the confluence city of three holy rivers the Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati and got formally registered under Society Registration Act 1860 (Rule 21) as a Non Profit Organization (vide Registration No. 07639/2018-2019).

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