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The last century has been spectator of climax of an anthropogenic orchestra that started some ten thousand years ago after the climatic stability of the earth, where a single human species has been actor and director as well.

It displayed radical economic growth, material comforts, technological revolutions and social reforms that have never ever been achieved by human species in the past since his descent.

This landmark success brought a paradigm shift in existing technology, healthcare, life expectancy, and even the mindset of the people in the modern Era. However, his Wall Street greed compelled indiscriminate developmental activities that put a sign of interrogation before the nature and humanity to realize that our destiny and destination is likely to end into blind.

Mapping the facts and circumstances, it was realized that the problems arise at local and encompass to grab the whole being by and by to become global. Therefore to serve a bit the nature and society for better future; the Glocal Environment & Social Association (GESA) is constituted with following basic objectives:

  • To develop and promote ‘global thought and local action’ ideology about environmental and social issues.
  • To campaign the global and local environmental issues and their future impacts for awareness.
  • To organize seminars, symposia, workshops, brainstorming sessions, lectures, and summer schools to aware and educate the people on blazing environmental and social issues.
  • To publish magazines, journals, periodicals and leaflets to maintain rational dialogue among experts as well as to provide forum to the researchers and intellectuals for wide dissemination of their research findings and ideas.
  • To establish schools, colleges, academic and research institutions for the study of Social and Humanitarian Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology, Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management.
  • To establish Clubs throughout the country and abroad to establish social peace and harmony by propagating physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental wellness.
  • To felicitate the persons and organizations for their outstanding services rendered in various fields of agriculture, arts, biodiversity conservation, commerce, culture, education, environment, healthcare, humanities, literature, mass communication, music, patriotism, peace and harmony, science, sports, technological innovations and other social services.
  • To induct value addition system in the state of arts and crafts by indigenous people based on their traditional and professional skills to accomplish better outcome in their livelihood.
  • To promote the inclusive development of villages, farmers and agriculture.
  • To prepare the plan for sustainable development of urban societies with good social, moral and spiritual environment.
  • To establish orphan houses, old age homes, rehabilitation centers for disabled, and welfare centers for ex service man/defense personnel.
  • To establish skill development and welfare institutions/centers for youths, women, farmers, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, minorities and economically poor families.
  • To collaborate with National and International Institutions, Government and Non Government organizations, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Private and Public sector Industries to achieve the objectives of the association (GESA).
  • To take financial assistance from Central and State Governments of India and other concerned bodies, public and private sector organizations to achieve the objectives of the Association.
  • To conduct all other activities in achieving the objectives stated in this Article and to undertake such other desirable activities as the Management Committee ascertains from time to time.

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