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GESA Awards

Award is a tangible symbol to signify eminence of contributions made by a person or institution. It is a token of honour conferred on the contributor to boost the enthusiasm for better performance in the field of expertise. Appreciation of good deeds is the moral duty of the association and should be rendered at least in the form of felicitation. The Glocal Environment & Social Association (GESA) recognizes worthy contributions of Scholars and Institutions in the various fields of agriculture, arts, biodiversity conservation, commerce, culture, education, environment, healthcare, humanities, literature, mass communication, music, patriotism, peace and harmony, science, sports, technological innovations and other social services. The GESA confers following categories of awards and honours of national repute through search and nominations on different occasions:

Note:Life Membership of GESA is mandatory for these awards. A life member of GESA can apply for above awards only after completion of one year of life membership. However, president of the GESA may relax this lock in period of one year as an exceptional case. Management committee have right to add or delete the categories of awards.

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